Here's How ANYONE Can Make Money in 2022!!!

Now, when I say it's easier than ever to make money online... I am being deadly serious!!! Whether you're a tech wiz, good with numbers, or simply want to start your entrepreneurial career, there is definitely a path for you. All you have to do is read below and you'll soon be on your way to being the next Bezos - Let's get started!!!



This one doesn't need explaining but I will, YouTube is the fastest growing platform where its possible for anyone to find success. just pick up the camera and go right? Well, essentially yes, if you have a passion and a camera then you are set but if not, carry on reading to find out how you can exploit YouTube without making a fool of yourself online. Being successful when talking about our passion is easy, just keep talking about how intriguing your passion is, the more you can fill your videos with interesting facts, the more people are going to engage with your content- REMEMBER THIS!!! The best way to find success is find a group of people that relate to your passion, talk to them, engage with their content while consistently posting about your passion...people will see you know what you're talking about and automatically become a source of traffic for you. YouTube can be very fun, and very very profitable so get that camera out!!

Affiliate Marketing

It's important we are completely honest, this is a little harder but with hard work comes massive reward. Affiliate marketing is essentially where you promote someone else's product while gaining a commission. No customer service, no returns, no storing stock, it is absolutely brilliant!! The best way to find success while affiliate marketing is creating top quality content that allows audiences to engage. Remember I told you to keep reading if you don't like showing your face on camera? Here's why, you can create animations and videos without showing your face to promote a product or service and post that on YouTube - this is affiliate marketing!! Having a consistent source of traffic that leads to a sales page can be very lucrative and the market is never too saturated in a specific niche. Affiliate marketing can be done on any platform; TikTok have released their affiliate scheme, Instagram allows people to promote products on your own page, same with Facebook!! This really is a very accessible way to make money and one we would highly recommend.

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die." – Warren Buffet

Index Funds

Let's have a look at this thing called the S and P 500, it's pretty cool. This index fund is the best 500 companies in the US and you can buy pieces of this and watch them naturally go up in value. This is the simplest way to earn money with the stock market and while it wont be quick, the return could be HUGE. There are a huge number of index funds but we would edge our bets that you'll have the most enjoyable experience with the S and P 500 - we certainly are!!!

Stocks and Shares

Like an Index Fund, this is buying a portion of company for a price and watching the price go up...hopefully. Unlike an Index Fund, this is buying one separate company at a time which means that you could earn more money, quicker. Or it could mean you will lose everything but don't fear, we are here to tell you how you can make good stock picks;:

Lesson 1 - Do not put all your money into one stock, if it goes down in value you could be losing all of your portfolio in a matter of hours...Not Good!! it is always good to have stocks in a variety of markets to cover any losses that may occur.

Lesson 2 - look at whether the company is consistently profitable, if a company isn't, then what is going to make their price go up, it is always advisable that your stock picks are companies that are profitable and have good cash flow (insert Kiyosaki quote)

Lesson 3 - Look at what Wall Street are doing, these guys are the pros, they know better than any of us what a stock is doing. If lots of people are selling your stock, its probably best if you don't buy it. If people are buying, and the company is consistently doing well, you stand a better chance at making money.

Now it's time to succeed!!

It really is in your hands now, I have given you three options on how you can make money in 2022 and there really is no better time to start earning money than now. These tips and tricks will only start you on your journey but we hope its been enough of a motivational push for you to get into gear. There isn't much more to say other than... See You at The Top!!!!

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