So What's Going On?

The world is moving at 100mph. In a time where a simple tweet can alter a stocks price, a place where we can digest it all seems distantly far away. Well... here you are; we want a place where people can experience 100mph and still go at their own pace and it's here at your disposal. If you really want to experience the monotony of life with no light or direction, then don't read our blogs.....

This Week in The World will provide you with a weekly round up of all the news stories from all around the world in one post. You wont have to worry about searching and searching for the news because it will be right in front of your eyes - how cool is that?! This week in The World will also give the community tips and tricks to start excelling in the world of business. We really are a community that everyone can benefit from, it's not worth missing out!!

Image by Pedro Lastra
Image by Brian Wertheim
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